Promote Potty Training

  1. Place the potty in a convenient spot like next to the big toilet.

  2. Get on a potty schedule. Every 30-45 minutes for beginners

  3. Use a sticker chart to track (and reward) progress. Hugs and claps are very helpful while in the learning stages.

  4. Create a potty-training song. ...

  5. Shower your child with praise. ..

The daycare environment can be a great place to potty train because having other children in the classroom who are also toilet training can be very encouraging to a toddler.

Accidents are bound to happen during the first few weeks of toilet learning, so make sure your toddler is prepared to cope with potty accidents. Be sure to send your child with plenty of clean clothes. Skip the onesies, blue jeans, or overalls, and opt for soft, loose pants with an elastic waistband. These clothes help your child be more independent, and they also simplify the inevitable changes.

Ask Your child's Teacher for more details.